Worst Date Ever

By permanenteditor
Wow, my date with Adam was a hot messme looking hot and him being a mess. First of all, Gary is to blame ... go figure! When Adam asked me for my number I was trying to think of a polite excuse not to give it to him when Gary thought he would speak for me and say yes. So being the sweet girl I am, I had to say yes. So here I am on a date with Adam, a pharmaceutical rep that wants to do business with Dr. Lee, and the first thing that comes to my mind when we sit down is: Stop staring at my girls! I continue to tell him that I am a daddys girl and he automatically thinks that he will be best friends with my dad. Adam continued to dig himself deeper in the tool dater category by mentioning he liked to go on pub crawls in ugly Christmas sweaters ... He owns 3 or 4 YIKES!! The real kicker is when he said I looked like a dancer as he looked me up and down with molesting eyes and then asked if I liked to be thrown around. Check please. DATE OVER!! NEXT! Oh, and his laughcome on! Gary definitely got it the next day. Adam is not my style. He has no swag about him and doesnt push my swoon button. He isnt the type that could keep me in my place and I need that Someone to keep me on my toes at all times!
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