Diary: Aubrey O'Day on Confidence Issues

My confidence was at its lowest after getting fired. It was very socially embarrassing and personally difficult as I was torn away from my second family with DK. The media perception that was portrayed by Diddy was also not the truth so I was almost being forced to live in a lie. I overcame it by never giving up. Every night I wanted to stop believing but forced myself to continue. If you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you or get in your way!

The things that affect my confidence the most are the fans and haters. My fans keep me going, and my haters frustrate me because I know if they gave me a chance and saw what I was really about, they couldn't help but appreciate my voice and my struggle.

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My friends have helped me the most with confidence issues. They build me up by reminding me of who I am, what I stand for, and why I wanted these dreams in the first place…and mostly by loving me and having my back no matter what anyone else thinks or says.


I have high confidence in the beginning of relationships because I expect a lot from myself and I certainly would allow a guy into my life that doesn't equal those expectations. If you are going to invest yourself in all that a relationship takes, you have to be with someone who brings you up and pushes you forward, not someone who holds you back. I haven't found the right guy yet, so I actually prefer not having a boyfriend when I'm working because the ones that I've had around during those times have only made me feel bad for who I am and what I do. It’s hard enough in this industry to answer to everyone else, let alone find time for your own questions...if a man comes along, I don't need him questioning me like haters would!

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