Diary: Aubrey O'Day on Her Best Friends

My friends always remind me of who I am when I forget! When you are working in the industry day and night, you only get its perspective as your majority thought... and most of the time the opinions are ruthless. So, having them around to remind me of what's inside and what I was before all of this really helps build my confidence back up!

I loved making music videos with Tiffany when we were young. She was always the hot singer (usually Mariah) and she'd make her hair big and wear cut-off short and her shirt tied up with bright lipstick. And I'd always be the hood rapper behind her (Old Dirty Bastard, Puff, Mase) in a baseball cap and a puffy ski jacket! SO EMBARRASSING!

PHOTOS: Check out some candid photos of Tiffany here!

Even though Stef is probably one of the silliest friends I have, the times I remember most with her are her giving me great advice and being a sister and role model to me because she was always the most popular girl in school and the most loved by everyone! I also kissed her brother and she didn't know—that was hot!

PHOTOS: See pics of Aubrey's "big sis" Stephanie here.


See the O'Dictionary for some of the special words I use with my friends. The one we use a lot lately is Barney...which when you think about it, is a big purple dinosaur that dances around acting like he just smoked crack. So basically it’s used for anything/anyone that is annoying or random!

Ummmmm, because I'm an amazing wife, I love having my gay husbands fight over me as I can never get any straight boys to do it!!! Cesar is very loyal and protective over me because he's seen what I've experienced and doesn't want people to hurt me again.


I have come across fake friends ALL THE TIME! I deal with them by usually just bouncing out. I don't like anything negative or fake around me. When I'm forced to be around it, I usually just ignore it or tune it out because it is impossible for me to be fake!


My friends ease my nerves during stressful performances just by smiling at me. I know those smiles hold understanding, compassion, and unconditional love! So basically they say, if you mess up we'll buy you an ice cream cone afterwards!


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