Diary: Aubrey O'Day on Her Relationship With Her Parents

Growing up, I have always have been closer to my mom because she raised me. I never really saw my dad too much. As I've gotten older my father has become a bit closer, but I'm more so a loner. I consider myself my mom and my dad, and when I can't handle the pressure of that anymore, I reach out to my friends.

I describe my dad as being like an embarrassing uncle because I'm not very close with him (uncle) and he's embarrassing (fact). It’s just been recently that my dad has made an effort to be a part of my life. I don’t see my relationship with my father changing after his most recent visit, but it’s not just his fault. I haven't reached out that much either.


I have always tried communicating with my mom. The problem is when you've reached your limits with trying. I want to be positive about my mom and dad, but it’s not a one-way street and I am tired of putting more effort forward than I get in return. I'm sure it’s important to be the bigger person and to continue reaching out, and I am trying to get there.


My dad doesn't do much to help me with my mom and my relationship, but I appreciate him making an effort. I don't know how I can improve my relationship with my mom and dad. If I knew it already, it would have been done. Working and living a life without parents being available and present all the time is NOT easy...unless you have wonderful friends like I DO! And if anyone understands what I feel, know that I will be your friend! Xoxo!

VIDEO: Watch a prank that Aubrey O'Day pulls on her dad when he comes to visit!

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