Diary: Aubrey O'Day on Moving on From Danity Kane

It was amazing to see Aundrea again after so long. It felt like all of the problems and the pain from the past were instantly erased...or so forgettable! Aundrea and I were standing next to each other in line in LA at the very first audition for Making the Band. She was one of the first faces I saw out of thousands of girls at the competition. We became instant family...and really all each other had during that grueling competition!

I love being in the studio with Drea because we have instant chemistry when it comes to concept, writing, and sound. We also have very similar sounding voices so I love finishing a track and going back and questioning, 'did she sing that part or did I?'

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Aundrea has been flaky in the past. I wasn't expecting Drea to quit this, regardless of her past decisions, as I thought she had really gotten to a better place with all of the Danity Kane drama. I was more hurt about her leaving me than the actual show situation being effected as I can easily put together music, and choreography. What hurt me was that she bailed on me with little to no justification and then never apologized for it. I have issues with abandonment, because of my mom, and what she did felt exactly the same.

My showcase performance was amazing! Exactly how I wanted it to be. It’s funny, the more problems that exist before a big show, the better the performance I end up having! Totally random! Maybe getting all the kinks out before ensures a better running show!

When Johnny and Adonis came backstage to tell me about the record labels, I thought that they wanted to sign me. Their reaction definitely threw me for a second, but I am the queen of pranks, so it was fitting!

I had an amazing time starting out this journey into my solo career, and I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to share each step of it with my fans! I love all of my fans, and my comeback is 100% ALL ABOUT THEM!

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Signing to SRC/Motown/Universal was an amazing feeling. My second Iconic label, and this time on my own terms with my own voice, and my own work ethic that got me here! Nothing like proving people wrong, and proving to yourself that there are no such thing as limits if you believe in yourself! I don't know that I’ll ever feel like I've made it. And if anything, signing a record deal is only the start of making it. There is a long journey ahead, but I do feel like I found myself this season, and I can't wait to see how I react to life and this industry now that I’ve gotten my balls back!
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