Diary: Aubrey O'Day on Sex, Boys, and Dating

I think it’s good to be comfortable with your sexuality. It not only makes you feel confident in your own skin, but also sets standards and requirements for others to meet openly. Certainly not everyone has to be as vocal as I am about it...but knowing what you like and prefer as well as what you expect from others is key to a healthy sexual relationship. I was also a Bio 45 TA and taught seminars on AIDS HIV, STDs, and sexual behavior in general, and I find that when you discuss sex openly it can prevent most of the unsafe behavior that puts people at risk. When it is an open topic, people feel more comfortable discussing things they are unsure of.

I was attracted to Sean at the Walk for Life event because of his confidence. He wasn't trying to please me; he just did him, which I respected. He also didn't let me get away with my normal tricks, which I also liked. The part he was missing was a compassionate heart. I love ego only when it’s backed by a genuine giving heart.


That date was the worst experience. I kept having faith that no one could be that cold, heartless, and inconsiderate because there were so many attractive qualities about him that I rarely find in men I meet. I was hoping that his ego was a defense mechanism. Turns out that behavior is his basic nature and he unfortunately can't be anything but that. I am too giving, caring, compassionate, and concerned with others to be with a man like that!


I haven't had many memorable dates, as I rarely date because I don't have time. Effort is all it ever takes to sweep any woman off her feet. Most women just want to know the guy is invested and involved.

VIDEO: Watch an awkward blind date that Aubrey went on here.


Rob Knox is my dream guy. Maybe he’ll always be that. Maybe it’s better he stays a dream...I wouldn't want to get serious with him and find out that he's Sean, part 2.


Goodbye Heartbreak was a result of me being fed up with the past and hanging onto it...not only guys, but my family issues, DK, Puff, and anger resentment and pain in general. My love life spills over into my music always. Everything I am experiencing in life does. The best music/albums come in times of growth and struggle!


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