Diary: Aubrey O'Day on the Men in Her Life

I think love has no boundaries so I absolutely think a boyfriend could fit into my life right now. I have no idea how to meet the ideal guy...if I did, I would have already done it! I like guys who can make me laugh, who don't take themselves too seriously, and who are determined, positive, and smart!

VIDEO: Watch Aubrey on a blind double date here!

I have known Adonis since Making the Band. He wrote records for both Danity Kane albums, and I wanted to work with him on this project because he understands my talent and ability, and he pushes me to move past my insecurity and fear, musically.

My first talk with Johnny Wright was very intense, and immediately put the pressure on at high levels.

It was definitely a shock to me when Gil told me I needed to lose some weight, as I hadn't realized how much I had gained in someone else’s eyes. Taking off my makeup was scary, as you are really taking off your armor. But all of it really forced me to take a good look at myself, be honest with who I was in that moment with no cover ups, and start from scratch, as the Aubrey underneath it all!

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