Diary: Aubrey O'Day on Using Her Show As Therapy

At the end of Danity Kane and Making the Band, I really wanted to run as far away from the music industry as I could. There was so much I didn't understand and needed to process in order to move forward in a happy, healthy manner. After taking time off of recording with Broadway and Peepshow, I came to a point where I missed it enough to finally stand up to all of my fears.

I'm very happy to share my ups and downs with the world through this show. I am a very honest person, and I am not scared to show people what falling...and getting back up looks like. The show is REAL reality TV, and I’m using it as therapy...I hope that others will be able to use it that way as well!

VIDEO: Take a sneak peek at All About Aubrey here.

Viewers will learn a ton about me! I'm a very silly, playful girl, and my relationships with my family and friends are very complicated...to say the least! You will get a more personal look into my life, as well as learn that much of what people say about me is not the truth!

PHOTOS: Check out Aubrey's personal photos--some from her pre-Danity Kane days--here!

My goals are to be honest in every moment and not let my fears dictate what I allow myself to share with the world.

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