DJ Eque on Episode 3: Aubrey v. Perez

I met Aubrey in 2007 after I got a call to DJ for Danity Kane on the Christina Aguilera Tour with the Pussy Cat Dolls. Aubrey and I connected because we would just like to have fun on the tour whenever we could, whether it was staying up at night watching movies or hanging out at a bar in the town we were staying in for that night while the other ladies would general stay in their rooms and rest. We also connected on a musical level because we both love hip hop. I couldn't believe she had so much rap music in her iTunes, from Slum Village to Lil Kim to my husband Talib Kweli. And she knew all the lyrics to every song—that’s a true fan. At that time I was just dating Talib and she was dating DJ Cassidy. Then when the tour was over, we remained friends and we would hang out in LA and NY. Aubrey came to my wedding, where I think she was the only white person there, and like always she fit right in with my family.

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It’s sad that Danity Kane broke up because they were winning as a team and all the women were so talented. But Aubrey is strong, plus she is a hustle. Even when she was with Danity Kane, she was doing things on her own. She is a triple threat because she can sing, dance and act. She has a great spirit and the fact that she is beautiful helps.

I didn’t go to Aubrey's rehearsals for her performance at Cherry Pop, so I didn't know what to expect. When she and her dancers performed the first song I was blown away. She sounded amazing and her dancing was on point and she looked like a leader on stage. Some artists who come from groups find it hard to be on stage by themselves. By the time she performed the last song. I was thinking how proud I was of her. Her fans were going crazy and screaming her name and the energy in there was so hyped.


Peace, Love & Light, Eque

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