Gil on Episode 1: Brand New O'Day

It is such an honor to be working with Aubrey again. I had a blast working with her when she was with Danity Kane, but to be a part of her solo career is even more amazing. To be able to focus on her and who she is as an artist and to bring the vision to life is truly what I'm looking forward to.

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Aubrey has always had that performer in her. She is a natural at what she loves. So I think it is great for her to go solo. It is only about her now. So it was in the stars for her to go solo.

The most important aspect that Aubrey should focus on to improve her dance performance is not only the ability to be her and shine BUT also to perfect the dances, as if she is one of dancers. Dance is everywhere! So to step up her game, she just needs to clean up little details that would make her look more clean then sloppy. I'm not saying she is sloppy, but there are always ways to improve ourselves as artists.

My ultimate goal for Aubrey in terms of her dancing is for her to go in and out of choreography with ease, and for her dancing to be clean and polished. Of course I also want her to shine and be the star she is.

Gaining and losing weight is a natural form and way of life. I gain weight. So it's all about honesty. Never censoring what you think in your head but to just say it. I definitely like when my friends to tell me the truth, as long as the receiver knows it's coming out of love. How else would we improve without honesty?

I was frustrated with Aubrey because it was her first rehearsal back with me, and she wasn't really taking it as seriously as I wanted her to take it. This is her solo career. You don't have 4 other girls with you anymore. It’s all her, so there is much work to do.

I told Aubrey to get out of her comfort zone because it's all her now, no Danity Kane to possibly pick up where she screws up. It's all Aubrey now. Plus she has been in her own world for a while in Orange County before rehearsal, and she’s gotten used to that way of life. This is reality. Her career. It's not as laid back as it is in OC. I just wanted her to get in a new mindset.

My rehearsal space is for work, not having to care about what we look like and have on but only a place for us to work hard. Sometimes I do see that Aubrey hides behind the makeup, lashes, and hair. But for her to see her true self and know what to work on, sometimes she has to take it all off in order to see the true Aubrey. And sometimes that process might hurt or be uncomfortable. At that point, I saw a vulnerable side to Aubrey that I'm sure she hasn't seen in a while and I haven't seen at all. It was great to see because I was working with Aubrey O’Day, and not the girl you see in magazines or on TV.

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