Gil on Episode 3: Aubrey v. Perez

When Aubrey was rehearsing for her first solo performance, I said would have hit the song harder in rehearsals because that is just me as a performer. Again, Aubrey sometimes comes into rehearsals to just run in it and use it for memory’s sake. She waits to hit the stage and turn on the performer that she is. I like to hit it hard in rehearsal and perfect it. That's something I will continue working on with her.

I felt bad about leaving town three days before Aubrey’s performance, but she is always in good hands. All my artists are always in good hands when it comes to my assistants, but that's only if I have to leave. I had a prior obligation from a year ago. My assistants would be just as hard as her as I am or else I wouldn’t have them as my assistants. I made sure she learned every piece of choreography she needed to know before I left. When I did leave, all she needed to do was be cleaned by my assistant and to keep running it.

They say good or bad tabloids are press, but I think Aubrey doesn't need it. Her talent in the end will speak for itself. I guess it doesn't hurt here and there to be in them. I believe Johnny knows what is best for his artist because he’s been doing this for so long. I agree that she needs to stay out of the tabloids unless it involves her career and music.

PHOTOS: See some photos of Aubrey at her Planet Hollywood appearance here!

Aubrey loves to add her two cents in about everything. It's great to have an artist who wants to be hands on, but there are some artists who try to learn steps and when they don't get it, immediately bail out instead of trying. I was hired for a reason. Let me be the judge and tell you what you look good doing and don’t look good doing. Then there are people who are just lazy. I'm here for a reason and I will continue to be hard on Aubrey and push her. Sometimes she just needs to focus on her performing and not choreograph.

I think Aubrey’s next step after her first solo performance is to keep rehearsing and playing around with movement. We need to continue to push ourselves as artists. We must always be working towards something other than being lazy. It’s up to Aubrey if she wants it.
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