Johnny on Episode 1: Brand New O'Day

My expectations for Aubrey are high. It is always difficult to leave a band and become a solo artist, but I have been around that block once before (i.e. Justin Timberlake) so I don’t see why Aubrey cannot achieve that as well.

Aubrey already possesses the necessary talent to succeed, so in addition to having a hit record, drive, and passion, I feel there is nothing she cannot accomplish.

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I told Aubrey that perception and image is very important in her comeback because people have perceived that she has lost her passion as an artist. It seems she wanted to be more of a celebrity than an artist, and she needs to get back to the artist that people fell in love with the first time.

I gave Aubrey six weeks to get her music, performance, and body right because I had been speaking to people in the music industry, and they were ready to see her right away. So I felt I could only stall the process for 6 weeks, and I knew by giving her that challenge, it would drive her to be the best she could be very quickly.

I do think that period of time is enough for Aubrey since she has already been successful. Back in her days with Danity Kane, they were given short deadlines like that for recording albums and getting ready to tour, so I knew Aubrey had it programmed in her to get it done in that amount of time.

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