Johnny on Episode 2: Fans and Foes

I thought that the idea of Aubrey hosting a Twitter party at her home was unique, but I also cautioned her of the danger of inviting people to her house that she had never seen before, or had no idea of who they really were. I asked her to make sure there would be some type of security person there, not only to protect her, but her belongings as well. I warned her to not make it a huge party that would get so out of control that she wouldn’t be able to control the people that were there. I also wanted her to be reminded that now these people know where she lives, and they could become uninvited guests at any time. As it turned out, it was a fun event, she had fun with it, the fans had fun with it, and it was a safe thing for all.

PHOTOS: See what happened at Aubrey's Twitter party here!

I think Aubrey's social networking is important to everything she does. She was part of a reality TV show, so that is how the world first found her—people lived the experience of her becoming a part of Danity Kane and watched her get fired from Danity Kane. Basically, they've known Aubrey from being able view part of her life for a long period of time. Once the TV show ended, it was important for her to continue that relationship with her fan base by keeping them updated on Twitter, U-Stream, Facebook, etc. She has such a huge and devoted following. Her fans want to know everything that happens in her life each and every day. Because there is so much incorrect information out there in tabloids, being able to connect directly to her fans and tell the truth to what is or is not true is very important. It's also very important now that she has the new TV series to get the word out to those fans to come back and watch, so they can continue that experience of Aubrey's life that they were so used to in "Making the Band," except now on "All About Aubrey.” To sum it all up, social networking is an important thing to Aubrey and her fans and is the only direct connection that they have together. She is very good at it and the fans are very appreciative of it.

Aubrey needs to be focused on music and making the records. All the after parties and hosting of certain parties need to be secondary in her life. All the focus needs to be about music, so that the "gatekeepers" of the music business can see that she is really serious about being an artist and less about just being a celebrity. She needs to focus on all things music: studio, album, workout, performances and less on social: night clubbing, parties, red carpets and stuff like that until it is warranted for the Grammy's and music-related events. Just hanging out at celebrity parties, tabloid events and being a "bar hopper" are the things she needs to avoid.


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