Johnny on Episode 3: Aubrey v. Perez

When I watched Aubrey rehearse for the Cherry Pop show, I thought she was very stiff and that she needed to get into a flow. But I also felt that she was determined, and I knew Gil had a plan, so I was confident they were going to work out something great.

Knowing Aubrey and actually being one of the first people to discover her in the music business, I always knew the funny, playful side of Aubrey, so it doesn’t surprise me to see things like the sauna photo.

PHOTOS: See more playful, candid photos of Aubrey here!

I’m not completely sure of what the media's perception is of Aubrey. It depends on what the media reads...some love her, some don’t understand again, you can’t please everybody.

Aubrey takes constructive criticism well from me, but I can't say that about everybody else. But we have that kind of relationship, and she understands that I only have her best interests at heart. So for me, we don’t have a problem with anything like that.

To help calm Aubrey's nerves before her first solo performance, I basically reinforced the fact she has worked hard, she's a professional, she's been on tours before, and she's been in front of thousands of people. So I just reminded her that this is what she was born to do, and that it’s what she loves to do. I told her to make the stage her home, get in a comfort zone, and take all the anxiety away and she would be fine.

I thought Aubrey's first solo performance at Cherry Pop was good. I think vocally she was on point and she had both the choreography and dance steps down. The audience embraced her especially for songs they had never heard before, so she was able to deliver those songs in a spirited and energetic way that entertained the audience. I was really happy and proud of her.
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