Johnny on Episode 5: Goodbye Heartbreak

Aubrey’s openness to talk about guys and relationships is a personality trait that she has, and I don't necessarily know if it's just around me or it's just with anybody, I just think she is that open. However, for me it’s an uncomfortable situation because I always like to keep my relationships with my artists as just business and not really get involved in their personal lives, although I am always open to hear what they have to say. But yes, there is a "no holds barred" on the things that she says to me, and sometimes it just becomes uncomfortable in the information she likes to tell me.

I did tell Aubrey to perform harder because it is a part of Aubrey's personality and traits. I wasn’t surprised by the song she wrote about her "pocket rocket," although, it’s never going to be the song that’s going to make her the credible artist that she really wants to be.


I thought Goodbye Heartbreak was a good song, and it definitely had lyrics from inside, a situation from the past that Aubrey has gone through. I think if you pay attention to the lyrics, you can really see inside the pain that she is going through and has been going through in her life. The vocal performance of it was great and I look forward to it being one of the songs on her album.

VIDEO: Catch a snippet of Aubrey's heartfelt ballad, Goodbye Heartbreak here.


I think Aubrey can tackle anything, and we've seen that in the show, but her biggest strengths are obviously both upbeat dance songs and the heartfelt ballads.


I love giving challenges to artists because I think it really pulls everything out of them and it makes them get so focused in a short time and puts them in a place where nothing else matters in their life but getting that performance down and doing the best they can. If you give an artist too much time, their focus gets lost and their performance can suffer because of it. When Aubrey was a member of Danity Kane, these are the things that they had to do all the time, and I just wanted her to remember that moment in her life, and to bring it back into her solo life, so yeah, there was never a doubt in my mind that she wouldn't be able to do it.

PHOTOS: See pics of Aubrey giving her performance in front of an intimate crowd.

I felt the best part of her performance was probably the "ad libs" at the end when it wasn’t any part of the written or produced song. It was just when she had to go inside of her and just go off the feeling of the audience and the musicians behind her and just basically started to improvise and ad lib. That’s a true performance right there...just off the cuff and just what you’re feeling and she delivered it in a strong way and I was proud of her for it. She just has to continue working on everything at this point. It’s still that she needs to make sure she is making good records and that she continues to go into the studio and cut great records and work really hard on the choreography and keep her body fit. I'm not necessarily saying she has to lose weight, but she just needs to maintain stamina and be fit because the upcoming tour shows and radio shows and on the road. As a performer she's going to need to be at the top of her game.

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