Johnny on Episode 6: Show Stoppin' Solo

I felt it was a benefit to have Aubrey's first radio showcase be in her hometown. Since the radio station had already started playing the song, the fans that were going to be in the audience at least would be familiar with the music, as well as her. What better way to kick off the start of her solo music career?

I really felt that in no way, shape, or form did Aundrea's departure affect the performance of Aubrey, but I do think it affected her friendship with Aundrea. Since Aubrey did 3 songs onstage and the performance with Aundrea was only going to be one of them, we ended up adding another Aubrey song, so no one really missed it.

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Based on the fact that we really had no time for a sound check and that there were a series of technical problems, I was really worried that it would have affected Aubrey’s performance. But as it turned out, none of it did, and she pulled off the performance like a champ. I was so impressed with how well her performance was based on the number of things that went wrong beforehand.


I definitely think it was important for the labels to see Aubrey in front of a huge audience. They were able to see her perform a song that a lot of them didn’t know and really see the connection that she makes with the fans, regardless of what the song is.


All the record labels I spoke with were interested in having discussions about the possibility of signing Aubrey to a label deal. It could have gone the other way around, where they would have just basically said, "Yeah thanks for inviting us…we'll talk to you later." But as it turned out, she got a record deal from it!


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I don’t think that just because you happen to have been a member of a group that you cannot stand on your own (i.e. Justin Timberlake, one of my other clients)!

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