Krystal on Episode 1: Brand New O'Day

Being Aubrey’s roommate is great. Of course when you live with someone, there will always be some challenges but we have a lot of fun. I am very thankful to Aubrey for inviting me to live with her. I had parted ways with the publication I was working for in Seattle and needed something new. Being Aubrey’s roommate makes being in LA much more enjoyable while I’m looking for a job.

Agreeing to be Aubrey’s assistant and help her get back on her career track was overall a good thing. I knew it would be fun, but at the same time very challenging. Aubrey is very seasoned and knows what she is doing, and she knows what she wants. It makes sense for me to help her since I’m there and it keeps me busy while also helping her. It’s a great thing to do while I looked for a job. Agreeing to help Aubrey means a lot of learning for me…by that I mean I’m learning a lot from her and from being submerged into her world.

When Aubrey asked for my help in getting Mary Ann’s sperm frozen, I thought it was a joke. Then, when I realized she was serious, I thought she had lost her mind. I mean, what in the world did I sign up for? It was pretty crazy but also too funny. I mean, I get it from a breeder’s stand-point, but to do it at home, I just couldn’t. Thank goodness Cesar was there to finish the job because it was too uncomfortable for me haha!

It didn’t really bother me to disagree with Stephanie at all. I mean just because someone knows you longer doesn’t necessarily mean that they know what is best for you. Everyone has different experiences in dating. I just think that in regards to the best type of guy for Aubrey, I get certain parts of her at this point in her life. Who knows…I mean we can weigh in on guys/girls, but there will always be a difference of opinion.

VIDEO: Watch a video of Aubrey's blind double date that Stephanie set up for her.

I try to help Aubrey eat healthier and better because she says she wants to and I know she has goals for herself. Overall, I tend to eat pretty healthily so it’s more just doing what I do and encouraging her to join in lol. It’s basically for both of us. And I want her to reach her goals so if I can help a little, then great. I like to cook, so it’s actually kind of fun for me.

I told Aubrey that I think she needs to lose weight because I know where she wants to be, so I was being honest. I didn’t say it like, oh hey you need to lose some weight. She asked me a question. I answered. I think she looks great and she’s very pretty. But I also know she can tone up. I mean, so can I, and I would hope she would tell me.
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