Krystal on Episode 4: Single White Roommate

In regards to me telling Aubrey I hacked into ex-boyfriend's email accounts, I want to clarify. One, I didn't do it to get back at them (I will further explain in a moment). Two, I don't know if I would really call it hacking. Getting into email accounts is hardly hacking. Aubrey and I had briefly discussed this before but when we talked about it again, I was slightly caught off-guard by Aubrey's reaction. I was not getting into my ex’s email accounts maliciously or vindictively. I have been in some rough relationships before and I've been cheated on in a terrible way, so I feel the need to protect myself. There are guys who do very shady things. I went into two of my ex’s emails...when I went into their email I was dating them and we were together. I knew something was wrong so I did a little investigating and I found more than I ever could've imagined. It only put my suspicions of them cheating down in black and white for me to read. I am glad I did it because it saved me more wasted time with someone who wasn't treating me right. We were young and when you're young, you tend to do some irrational things when it comes to relationships. I mean don't lie and cheat and then no investigating will need to happen lol.

Palm Springs was not the best the trip I've been on. I kind of became the outsider in Palm Springs and began to feel like the "new girl/new friend" for the first time. It’s not my hometown but it is Aubrey, Tiffany and Stephanie's. I wasn't included in everything they were doing and felt like I wasn't really welcomed. It was really difficult. I could feel the tension and coldness from all of them.

It was even harder because I didn't have anyone there. All my friends and family are back home in comfort zone is there. It’s hard enough trying to make new friends in a new city but then when the friend you do have starts to give you the cold-shoulder, it’s kind of lonely. Needless to say, a lot of my time in Palm Springs was spent on the phone in tears talking to my best friends from home. I just didn't know what to do or what was going on.

I think it’s good Aubrey confronted me but I think the timing maybe could have been better. In a friendship it’s always good to know how someone is feeling so I would rather talk about it than not. I can see where she was coming from to a certain extent. Aubrey has been hurt by people close to her and our friendship is still "new" so there is that factor. I also think it doesn't help the situation when you have other people in your ear. It can tend to escalate a situation. I get that she needs to protect herself but I am a true friend who is honest, loyal, and trustworthy. Sometimes it takes people time to trust due to past circumstances, and I understand that.

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Aubrey's "Desert Fox" photo shoot was fantastic! The scenery was beautiful, and it looked like a painting. The area where we shot had so many places to shoot which made for a diverse photo shoot but it all still correlated. The shoot was well thought out with amazing wardrobe, hair and make-up. Cesar and Karmeesha are a dynamic duo of a glam squad and with Aubrey as your palette, the options are limitless. Aubrey is not only a singer, dancer, performer, but she is a model as well. She knows how to work a camera. She is very aware of her angles and she knows what she's doing. It was such a fun day and we killed the shoot. Travor is also an amazing photographer and Aubrey and Travor work incredibly well together. I was definitely impressed with the end result.

I don't even really know what to say about the gift from Aubrey’s mom. It was awkward I guess you could say. I mean it’s like her mom is trying but I am not sure in what way. It was an odd gift, almost insulting to a certain degree. It just didn't seem very positive to me.

Food for thought:

People make mistakes, no one is perfect. Sometimes the mistakes of others can affect us and/or those around us in various ways. We just have to decide how to forgive and how to move forward. Positive Movements Forward!
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