Kyle Dances With A Broken Wrist (ATRM, Ep. 106)

By Kyle Arm

For the three days leading up to the performance, all I could think was, “We finally got a theater, now we just need to lock down the choreography.” The rehearsals leading up to the premiere performance are a blur. The dress rehearsal was going great until I hurt my wrist. I was surprised to see Melanie run out of the performance space after she had just drilled her knee on the floor so I was more worried about her. I felt very comfortable with everything in the show. I was a little unclear about some of the transitions between the dance pieces. The pain that was my throbbing wrist definitely made me nervous for the performance at the Saban. I had been feeling ignored and excluded from the process the boys were going through to put the show together. When I ask for input or clarification it's as if they don't hear me at all. I was just exhausted and fed up with feeling left out. That and my wrist was broken and hurting every step that I danced.

I felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin in excitement when Brianna told me she set up a meeting for me with Robert Ulrich!!! I was so excited I did an Irish jig (my sister took Irish step and constant jig battles with Nick keep me my game.) I was a bit nervous to read for Robert. It was exciting and definitely better than my first audition. I was really happy when he said he was interested in seeing me dance!

When Travis collapsed during the show I thought that microscopic shellfish fairies came down onto the stage with us during Sing, Sing, Sing and caused Travis to have another allergic reaction. That's just my theory though. The premiere performance was one of my favorite performing experiences ever. I was psyched with how well the performance went. Everyone that attended seemed to have a blast!

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