Kyle Is The Hottest Secretary (ATRM, Ep. 5)

It wasn't too hard seeing Noelle in Shaping Sound rehearsals. If anything, it makes taking direction from Teddy in rehearsals a little unbearable sometimes when the thought of them that night passes through my head. But I am a professional and an adult and I'm doing my best to move forward with rehearsals and also my personal relationships. Dancing with Chantel when the story of the dance was so similar to what happened between me and Noelle gave me some good emotional levels to play with that day if nothing else. I'm glad Teddy and Noelle had the opportunity to talk it out. It did help the atmosphere in rehearsals.

I was a little worried that we weren't going to find the perfect theater. Until I remembered I had already performed at the perfect theater for our show and got an appointment set up for us to see it together. I was not too thrilled to be the "secretary" but it's funny hahah! I felt terribly after my sitcom audition, especially the montage of "no, no, no, be funnier, no, take more acting classes."

We packed the studio for the fundraiser and we were so psyched to raise the money! We were able to book the Saban theater! We were ecstatic!

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