Kyle on ATRM 101: I came here to make this company the best it can be.

By Kyle Arm

I had originally anticipated that I would be a co-founder of Shaping Sound. I have worked with multiple dance companies and have a good idea of how contemporary companies run and are structured. I thought I would be helping more with the creative decision making process. When Travis told me that I had to audition for the company after I had moved all the way out to LA to be in it, I thought he was joking. And then quickly realized he wasn't. But then I thought, "I came here to make this company the best it can be," and if that meant I had to audition, then I would audition.

The morning of the auditions, I was thinking, "This better be some good choreography I'm learning today!" I was not disappointed. The audition choreography ended up being used in our Shake It Out piece!

It’s not easy hearing the other guys talk about the company and not being able to really contribute. I initially really wanted to contribute more, but I felt that, being a prospective dancer in the company, my opinion wouldn't be valued too highly. But when the boys told me I had made the company, I wasn’t surprised. I knew I had it. I mean, you saw the audition.

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