Kyle Opens Up About Being Betrayed (ATRM, Ep. 4)

By Kyle Arm

I felt extremely nervous when I first saw Noelle walk in to the restaurant. I knew the sh*tstorm was only starting, and she kinda got blindsided. I have been trying to be as forgiving as I could possibly be about the whole situation. Teddy and I have been friends long before I started seeing Noelle. This situation is unprecedented for us but I'm not about to let one drunken night murder our friendship. The same goes for Noelle. She is a brilliant and talented person and I'm trying my best to maintain our friendship. I was disappointed with both of them at the time, but I told Teddy that he needs to apologize to Noelle. I guess I hold Teddy more accountable for the events of the evening and the way it played out.

But I plan to squash it. I have no time or energy to relive the events of that night over and over again. It might take a bit of time for me to fully trust that Teddy has my back, but I forgave him straightaway because I have no intentions of harboring a grudge. I'm still as much a friend to him as I ever was. Do I think it was a stupid move on his part? Yes. Though I can't help but feel that I am slightly responsible for not being emotionally available to Noelle and for making her feel we were more casual than I would like to believe we were. Who knows, sh*t happens, and then you move on with your life. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I will not condone anyone sh*t talking about Teddy and Noelle. They are beautiful people and more importantly my friends. We all make mistakes. I know I have.

When I found out Teddy couldn’t go to NUVO, I thought, "that sucks," because Stand By Me is such an awesome trio. Seriously one of my favorites I've ever seen. I was a little nervous when Nick said he was not going to be able to perform at NUVO. The other part of me was excited because I saw the opportunity to create a duet with Travis. I knew Travis was extremely stressed at NUVO. I knew he was freaking out about the time crunch we were in to put the piece together. We also had no mirror or outside eye to see what we were doing. And then when we finally did, Nick was being a sarcastic bastard like he always is.

I could not believe my eyes when I came around the side of the stage and saw him passed out. Bananas will get you! I felt excited, nervous, anxious, and nervous again when I realized that I might have to perform solo- but Travis is a trooper for pounding antihistamines and jumping up on stage to murder the performance. I was happy with what we ended up with. I think the piece really came together at the end.

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