Nick And That Darn Chair! (ATRM, Ep. 106)

By Nick ARM

Three days before the show I was feeling really stressed out. We were still trying to finish the show, find costumes, edit music it was cray cray! I still can't believe on top of all of that Teddy was working on “Misery Loves Company.” I know how Teddy is when he is pulled in different directions and not focused on one thing. He gets really scattered and I was kinda worried he wasn't going to get his piece finished. I was also worried about how he was doing physically. He just had a lot going on. Teddy pulled it together though and he killed his piece and the show! I feel like I was really mean to him in this episode. I was really stressed out because of my solo and the chair drama and I think I took it out on him. So.... I'M SORRY TEDDY I LOVE YOUR GUTS.

The dress rehearsal was really shaky....there were a lot of things that went wrong. People missed entrance cues, there were some problems with the hats for Sing, Sing, Sing, and the dances still weren't clean enough. On top of that Melanie had a HORRIBLE fall and Kyle's wrist was really sore. It started to feel like someone out there didn't want this show to happen!

I woke up the morning of the show feeling pretty good. I was nervous of course, but I had a good feeling about the day. When we got to the theater Travis and I immediately started sorting costumes with Denise and Alison, the mamas. Then we spoke with the lighting designer. There were a lot of lighting cues that needed to be perfect to really give the audience the full effect of our vision. He did a great job. I thought the lighting looked gorgeous!

Then we started blocking out the show and that's where we ran into our biggest problem yet.......THE CHAIR! The chair has to be able to slide. It's a huge part of the show. The boys were literally wood shopping the damn chair minutes before our full dress rehearsal. I knew that for my section of the show if worse came to worse I would change it up a little. No matter what, we had to make it work. Things were starting to get pretty tense. We were all on edge. Luckily the boys made a miracle happen. They somehow made that damn chair slide. Now it was show time!!!!

The feeling you get before a show starts is incredible. The crowd was so loud and seeing all of my friends and family out there really pumped me up. After the opening number I was backstage getting ready for my section of the show. I was a little nervous having my choreography out there for all my peers to see. My solo was up. Everything was going great! I was feeling the music, hitting my turns...I really felt like I was flying. Then it came for the very last turn where I float my leg over the chair, land my toe on it, then step up and around the chair to the other side. Well I never really had a chance to run my solo once we got the chair to slide. I went to go step up and around the chair and it slid out from underneath me! After all of the drama trying to get it to slide it worked TOO well. You can kind of see me laughing after I slip. There was nothing else I could do. It was actually kind of funny to me.

The only other problem in the show was when Travis died for a sec. Poor little button gave us all a good scare when he fell out at the end of Sing, Sing, Sing. He was on stage for a good 5 minutes without a real break. He just got way too overtired. Thank god he came back to life.
He finished off the show strong.

The show really turned out to be one of the greatest moments in my life. Getting to share such a special night with my best friends and family was a dream come true. Everyone loved it. There was so much buzz around LA. We had people talking! We did it! After all of the blood, sweat, and tears were worth it. Now what are we going to do with ourselves???

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