Nick on ATRM 101: I think together we make Shaping Sound stronger.

By Nick ARM

I agreed with the decision to also make Kyle audition for the company. Teddy, Travis and I had made it a rule before we started the audition process that everyone would have to audition no matter what. Most of the people we chose for the company were our friends anyway and if we had made even one exception we would’ve had 150 dancers.

The morning of the auditions it really hit me that this company that we had been envisioning for two years was finally going to happen! It was very exciting.

Choosing the girls was a cakewalk. Every girl in our company is a star. The guys were a little tougher because a lot of dancers we would've liked to hire were not available, but in the end we ended up with a great cast of boys. And I was very happy that one of those boys was Kyle

After performing in front of the potential investors with our new dancers I was pretty hopeful that we would bring in at least some dough that night. Afterwards, I wanted to celebrate our performance and hang with the rest of our dancers. The last thing I wanted to do was talk shop. I think that's why I was really irritated when Pete brought up the company name thing. I was on such a high and it all came crashing down.

I wasn't surprised about the whole “Travis Wall's Shaping Sound” thing. I was just irritated. Travis' agents are also my agents and if he had agreed to change the name I would have switched agencies and peaced out. It’s not fair to Teddy and me. We started this company together as friends. We all know Travis is very famous and very good at what he does, but we have just as much to give this company and I think together we make it stronger.

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