Nick on ATRM 103: That was the last thing we all needed.

By Nick ARM

I didnt feel like a hip hop piece belonged in our show because we are all exceptional contemporary dancers. Were OK/good hip hop dancers but I dont want to come out and do something that isnt exceptional. Even though I loved the hip hop class, I still didnt want it in our show. I would only have wanted to include a piece if we had some exceptional hip hop dancers like Bryan Tanaka, Twitch or Misha Gabriel performing. I needed to say something to Taja about her attitude at rehearsal because I knew that if she didnt change it, she and Travis were going to clash- and they did! That was the last thing we all needed before the premiere show.Travis and I had a romantic past when we were younger but now I just think its hysterical. We can literally say that weve been through everything a friendship can go through, and were still as close as we are. I mean, when he taught me how to ride a bike? I felt like I won a gold medal at the Olympics!

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