Nick Talks Injuries, Conflicts, and Bananas (ATRM, Ep. 4)

By Nick ARM

We didn't quite find NUVO the way we planned. From Teddy screwing up his schedule, to me being injured, to the banana heard round the world, NUVO definitely tested our problem solving skills as a company and as friends. I had actually hurt myself teaching back in LA- I went for a big layout when I felt a pop in the top left side of my chest up near my shoulder. I thought it was nothing, but as the class went on it got worse and worse until I had a hard time taking deep breaths and talking loudly. I went to my doctor and he said that I had displaced a rib and that I needed to take some time off. The doctor said it may take up to a MONTH to get it feeling normal again. My heart sank! I knew that we had NUVO coming up and that we were making a huge debut there. The last thing I needed was to get injured and not be able to dance. I felt like I was letting the other guys down in a big way. Luckily I wasn't the only one.....

Teddy and his schedule... now Teddy has never really messed up his schedule like this before. He's a little flakey ya (he didn't turn in the submission that caused him, Travis, and me so much grief!) but he's never messed up his schedule like this. Good thing we have Kyle on our side. He really came to the rescue on this one. He showed us we can count on him if things get a little dicey.

Speaking of dicey (or should I say bananaey) let's talk about the banana heard round the world. Now I've been around Travis before when he's had an allergic reaction. The day of the Fire Island performance Teddy, Travis, and I were getting ready to perform when the same thing happened. Trav's face blew up like a balloon, he couldn't breathe, and he was about as pink as a piggy. Luckily he came around and everything was fine. I can't remember if there was a banana involved that time or not. It was really scary though. This time I knew right away when I saw the half eaten banana what was going on. This was our big company premiere and for some reason whoever is in charge of the universe really didn't want this performance to happen. I was trying to prepare Kyle for solo time just in case Travis was out of commission when the swelling in Trav's face went down and he was up and high-kicking. The boys somehow pulled that performance out of their butts and it was a huge hit with all the kids at NUVO. Crisis averted!!!!!!! Heavy sigh.

Now of course we couldn't have had a happy ending right then and there. Oh no! That would be way too easy right? Teddy sends me that text message about Taja wanting to leave the company. Don't get me wrong. I really do love Taja. She is one of the sweetest most fun people to be around, but this girl that's been coming to rehearsals late and throwing shade is not the girl we all love. At this point, we don't have time to revamp the show if she does quit so I totally agreed with Teddy on that one. We needed her. I just really hope that she and Travis can squash whatever it is that's going on between the two of them. They have way too much history to throw away their friendship.

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