Teddy Never Has A Boring Moment (ATRM, Ep. 105)

By Teddy ARM

I found it a bit frustrating when Travis pulled me out of rehearsal to discuss the whole Noelle thing AGAIN. It was over and done with- genuine, heartfelt apologies had been made, responsibilities were taken. I really didn't think it was necessary to be brought up and dragged out any further. Apparently Noelle was feeling a little awkward at the start of rehearsal which is to be expected, but I believe the more you continually bring things up, and blow them out of proportion, the worse they get. Noelle is a true professional through and through and despite everything she handled the situation with grace and dignity. The three of us had already moved forward and were ready to get down to work!

I spoke to Noelle because I wanted her to know that nothing had changed as far as her company status, she still had her place in Shaping Sound, and this was merely a bump in the road which we would all get past quickly and professionally. We were all friends before this and will remain friends long after. Despite the initial awkwardness, we knew that eventually all would be back to normal. These types of situations are not uncommon for us. We've all had similar experiences having to work alongside former ex's, but that's when your true professionalism comes into play. As big as the dance world is, it's also a small world where paths will constantly be crossed. That's what makes our friendships so unique is our ability to move forward and still work alongside one another without conflict, or drama…

The reason we didn't tell anyone else what happened, including Nick, is that it would have served no purpose other than to cause unnecessary tension among the company which at that point we didn't need. And we knew if Nick found out he'd most likely blab about it, as he has a hard time keeping quiet, especially if it gives him opportunities to harass us. He takes great pleasure in tweaking and teasing us unmercifully. And of course he reacted exactly how I thought he would, which was his typical OVERREACTING saying I should have gotten my face punched in by Kyle, calling me a "home wrecker".....hahahaha!!! Yup....that would have been the mature way of handling it, right Nick?? Fight it out?? But as you can see by how the conversation ended, no matter what the name calling, or mudslinging, we know that we are all on this journey together, as friends, as brothers! A force to be reckoned with!

Not being able to secure a theater was definitely stressful and there were definitely concerns about having to possibly push the show back, but I'm not one for giving up without exhausting every last option. I believed something would come up, and it did! Being an optimist, I get easily frustrated when surrounded by negativity and doubt. So when the guys got mad at me for simply trying to interject some positive energy regarding finding a theater, it was upsetting. It's disappointing when your thoughts, ideas, and opinions aren't taken into consideration or valued. I too understand the pressures and stresses just as well as they do, but it's all in how you choose to handle things that determine the outcome. Sitting around whining and crying about it certainly wasn't going to help, so I chose to remain calm, think positive, and not give up hope that we would find exactly what we were looking for.

We went with the Saban because it had EVERYTHING we truly wanted and needed!!! The second we all walked in we knew it was the ONE... all the details in the lobby and the classic feel in the theatre made us fall in love with the place!!! All of our minds went to that night at the show and what it would be like a week from that moment!

Honestly, I was very nervous to see if we were going to pull the fundraiser off!!!! Travis and Nick's attitudes were not helping the situation for a few hours there. In those moments you have to breathe, stay calm, gather your resources and move forward with positive energy! The fundraiser ended up being extremely successful and that settled the big money sign block in our path. Never a boring moment that's for sure...

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