Teddy on ATRM 101: It was very intense between the group.

By Teddy ARM

When Travis decided to make Kyle audition for the company, at first it was a bit funny to me. Then when I realized Taja and everyone else was also auditioning, I agreed that it made sense for Kyle to audition as well.

The day of the auditions I was nervous as to who and how many dancers would show up! We knew a select group that we wanted but added more once we got there. It was really tough cutting some of the dancers because they are really talented, especially the girls. I knew Kyle was going to make it so I had fun shooting him with a nerf gun!

Along with finding dancers, we also had to find investors and I think the hardest part about that was remembering their names! Haha. After performing for them, however, I felt good about our performance and had a positive feeling we would be successful!

When I heard that Travis’ agents wanted us to call the company "Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound," I was surprised in the moment. It was very intense between the group and I wasn’t sure what would happen from there on. I understand why they thought it would be best to call it that but that’s not the idea we had for Shaping Sound. But regardless of what his agents thought, I knew Travis wouldn’t agree to it. He has our back!

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