Teddy on ATRM 102: You really dont know what tomorrow may bring.

By Teddy ARM

Travis's agents are our agents as well. So when "our" agents asked us about changing the name of our company to incorporate Travis’ name, I wasn't mad at Travis. He wasn’t the one who brought it up. If it was his idea then that would have been a very different conversation, but he didn’t wish for that! It was definitely an awkward situation though...

I decided to submit for SYTYCD because it's an amazing platform for choreographers to break into their careers. Travis is an amazing example of someone who has shown massive growth as a result of that show. When he told me that he had the opportunity to put together a choreography submission for Madonna, I was just so proud of my brotha! He deserves it 100% but my second thought was about my own submission. I wanted to do both but I wasn’t sure that there would be enough time.

I don’t think that Travis had the right to be upset with me about not being able to participate in his submission. We are all busy and we definitely do try to help out on whatever projects we can for each other! I wouldn't have started a company with them if I didn't want to constantly create with each of the guys.

I decided to do my submission on the rooftop because of the music! That song needs an atmosphere and the studio wouldn't have captured it fully. Twitch and Allie were stoked about the view and the sunset when we shot too. I thought it turned out really cool. I wish I had handed in the “All The Right Moves” edit of my piece instead of my little handheld! Haha. I am so thankful to Twitch and Allie for their talent, performance quality, and positive spirits. The connection they have is so strong and it read through on screen.

I wasn’t shocked but I was definitely amped that Travis asked me to do the Madonna submission. It was nuts that Taja couldn’t make the submission. I was scared for her! We all thought she was in big trouble. But Channing Cooke played Madonna and she KILLED it. I had so much fun dancing Travis’ choreography with her. I think it turned out great, especially considering the time limit we were under. I love that you never know what to expect in this industry. My favorite part about being a professional dancer is that you really don’t know what tomorrow may bring, whether it be a new style of dance, getting to travel to a new city, or starting a whole new role in a performance.

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