Teddy on ATRM 103: It completely took me off guard.

By Teddy ARM

When Nick said that I was a mediocre hip-hop dancer, I just had to laugh considering the fact that one of my first professional jobs was for Janet Jacksons Feedback & Rock With U music videos. In addition to being on her tour where I performed in 25 hip-hop numbers as well as being the contemporary soloist in all the shows. Eat that Jazzy Lazzi! Hahahaha! Not to mention performing with Kylie Minogue, Usher, Lady Gaga, and in Misha Gabriel and Nick Bass Dancing With The Stars piece. I have trained my whole life in many styles and I enjoy trying new things so that I can bring it into my own contemporary movement. And let's face it: anything Nick says has to be taken with a grain of salt and a sense of humor! That's why we love him!!I wasn't disappointed about not having hip hop sections in the show because it just didn't fit this time around. I think in the future when we have more time to create a show it will be great to bring in MANY different elements! For those in the audience, I think it's more entertaining to see variety throughout a performance. I also feel its important to show that we are NOT just contemporary dancers; we are all multi-faceted artists with training in all areas. That's what can help set us apart from other companies out there who only showcase one particular style! What happened with Noelle was a complete shock. I had NO idea that she felt that way towards me. It was a shock and it completely took me off guard. I knew she and Kyle were dating but none the less it was wrong and I felt bad the moment it happened. It was completely unintentional and not something that was thought out. Not to trivialize the situation or make excuses for myself, but what is being made into SUCH A BIG DEAL was actually an unexpected two second kiss under the influence of alcohol. It was not a make out session. And the second it happened we immediately stepped back! It was truly NOTHING more than that. I certainly didn't expect it to happen and of course regretted it right away. Even though it was a mere peck on the lips, I did feel a sense of guilt for just being in that position and not having more control. Anyone who knows me knows that the bond and friendship I have with my brothers come first and foremost. Obviously if I could take it back I would. Lesson learned!I didn't tell Kyle right away because I wanted to be in the right frame of mind to do it. Everyone had a crazy night and morning so it was necessary to sleep on it. As a friend, I felt it was important to be up front and honest with him before he heard it from someone else and it got blown out of proportion. It wasn't so much about coming clean and relieving guilt as it was more or less sharing with a friend and seeking advice. Anyone who knows me knows the last thing I would ever do is hurt anyone especially a best friend. For the record, this is not something I take lightly. I have always lived my life with integrity, humility and a great deal of respect for my friends. They know I would do anything for them. I have always been a loyal friend to my buddies and a very caring, committed boyfriend to the girls that I have dated so this has been tough on me. Im not used to anyone seeing me as the bad guy. I know I have to face a lot of scrutiny over this but I take comfort in knowing that those closest to me will have my back, Kyle being one of them.

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