Travis Asks Why?? (ATRM, Ep. 106)

By Travis ARM

For the three days before the premiere performance I was just worried about the show not being finished and as polished as I would want it to be!

All of us, especially myself, always multi-task or are working on different projects at the same time. But we were so close to the premiere show and we were so behind on what should have already been done so I was just a little frustrated that Teddy chose to work on something else (“Misery Loves Company”) besides Shaping Sound three days before our show! I knew Teddy would get his piece done in time. But when I saw him putting something else first that day besides his unfinished piece for Shaping Sound, I became worried!
As a choreographer, I am a visual musician. I am definitely a story teller and an artist. I love to make paintings come to life, creating moveable art. I love music and that is usually where all my creations start from. Then I visually see what the routine looks like, then movement comes last! I wasn’t worried at all that my dancers wouldn’t pick up the choreography. I knew they would get it we were just working so fast it was hard to retain it!
I was so nervous for the dress rehearsal because it was the first time we were really doing any of the show all together. It felt rushed and unfinished and I was just hoping everyone got through it ok! But that didn't happen! When two MAJOR dancers got hurt I freaked out because not only did I want them to be ok, and felt bad for such a poorly prepared dress rehearsal, but I didn’t know if the show would have gone on without both of them the next day. Very scary!
I was so happy that my mom was there at the show, and there to help! There were so many things that still needed to be done and she did the best job with that. So did Teddy's mom. They both know how to put shows on and know exactly what we need and are the extra eye to catch what is missing! Thank God for them that day!
The day of the performance, once again I found myself asking, “Why? Why now?” Everything always has to be so difficult! I just wanted the problem fixed. Thanks to the boys trying to fix the chair 30 different ways, we finally got it to work!
I didn't sleep the night before the show because I was so stressed about the dress rehearsal performance. I couldn't turn my head off, and I rolled over and my clock said 8am. And I realized I had just been staring at the ceiling for 6 hours. AWESOME. There was so much to do the day of the show. I never really ate because there just wasn't time. I was so worried about finishing the show and everything that makes it happen by curtain up that I was completely forgetting I was a dancer in this show- and had to take care of myself all day so at night I would have enough energy and stamina to perform. I felt it in the first act and as Sing, Sing, Sing came on I really never left the stage. Four minutes of a really hard dance and I wasn't ready for it. And as the curtain went down, so did my eyes. I was running on empty.
The show actually turned out to be the best thing ever. We had two standing ovations after each act! The love we got in the lobby afterwards, texts, and tweets- it was overwhelming. Everybody in the company felt on cloud nine and we just couldn't stop smiling! Best night ever! When I was holding my best friends hands on our final bow with the entire house on its feet, I realized this is my proudest moment!

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