Travis Has A Lot On His Plate (ATRM, Ep.4)

By Travis ARM

I knew I had to talk to Teddy about the Kyle/Noelle situation because it was something we hadn’t talked about yet and with Teddy being the director, it affecting multiple dancers in the company, I wanted to get it out into the open to prevent it from ever happening again.

I wasn’t nervous talking to Taja, I knew it was something that had to happen and it was in the middle of rehearsal so I was actually thinking more about how I would get the show done. Obviously when talking to Taja she makes a lot of excuses and that was what the conversation was starting to look like. I know Taja can sometimes be misunderstood and I wanted us to be on the same page. Taja has reasons for acting out but it’s still not tolerable. I’ve known her since she was a little girl and the fact that I know everything that has happened, I think it’s weird that she compared me to her father as our situations were nothing alike. My mom got a really big laugh out of that one.

I was so shocked but I was so happy when Dom surprised me. This was a moment where I couldn’t believe it was happening. I knew his visit would put me back on track and calm me down and since it was just his birthday, I had felt bad that I couldn’t see him then!

I felt bad turning Jaimie down from being in the show because it felt like Jaimie thought I was putting her down. With the extent of the show I didn’t want to put Jaimie in harm’s way. Even though she just got cleared to dance, she isn’t strong enough to be back on stage with us yet. Jaimie’s one of the best dancers in the country and if she is going to be making her debut with Shaping Sound, I want her to dance to her full potential not just half-a**ing it.

I was so worried that we weren’t going to find a theater! If we don’t have a theater we don’t have a show. So there you go. It was obvious when we walked into the Saban that it had everything we needed and it was available. We wanted to do what we had to do to get the theater and all the other theaters just weren’t the right fit. HELL NO did I think we would be able to raise the money in one week, especially the way we were trying to raise it. Our goal was to raise $8K but at the moment, we were thinking really big and I just can’t believe we actually came up with it. But the fundraiser absolutely exceeded my expectations, and I was overwhelmed and really excited to know that we were going to get the theater we wanted. I felt like for the first time since Shaping Sound something really went our way.

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