Travis Makes It Happen (ATRM, Ep. 107)

By Travis ARM

There were so many great parts of the after party. I loved that Gil loved the show because he usually hates everything. And learning that Jaimie was cleared to dance- and hearing in her voice that she has to be part of this now and can’t wait any longer really made me think that I should trust her and start incorporating her back into everything I do. But the overall best part of the party was seeing my friends and family, especially my mom. They all told us how proud they were and how impressed they were with our show. We had worked so hard on it and everyone was blown away!

It is VERY unusual to get a standing ovation after the first act. When that happened, it made me feel like we were on to something good… and they hadn’t even seen the second act yet!!
I had to pull it together during the premiere even though I was having a hard time physically. There was no other option. I have definitely learned my lesson with how I took care of myself that day. But to be honest, there were so many things to get done that day, I didn’t have a second for myself and didn’t sleep all night because my head was racing with the tasks I had to do the next day.

Teddy started rehearsals for Misery Loves Company so soon after the Shaping Sound premiere performance because he had to. He committed himself to these projects and sometimes scheduling happens like that. I love Teddy’s choreography, and he did an amazing job with MLC. It’s great for Teddy just to do Teddy sometimes- without hearing Nick and me in the background. We all need that sometimes!! Just to do you for a second.

Adam Shankman is definitely someone I look up to. I met him at So You Think You Can Dance during the third season when he first judged. He was a fan of mine when I was on the show. Adam has made the transition from dancer/choreographer, to directing and producing his own movies, and I would love for one day to make that same transition. I could definitely use his advice. Adam also hired me for some of my first jobs as a choreographer and took some chances on me and I will never forget that!

I was nervous to bring up my solo career opportunities with the boys, but it is something I had to do. We all have our own career opportunities and we all should support each other if something comes up. I want Shaping Sound to not be just a today thing; I want this for our future. There will be moments when one of us has to leave when we get an opportunity because that’s part of the business.

It was amazing to get a private concert from Ingrid Michaelson. I didn’t think it was real. I felt pretty cool and lucky, and the ideas for her music video starting flowing immediately. Since I was the only person Ingrid was talking to about choreographing her video, I thought this would be an awesome first opportunity for me to direct it as well! I was so happy with how the Ingrid Michaelson video turned out, and directing was so much fun! I can’t wait for the day I can actually call myself a director!

I thought it was an amazing idea when Nick said he wanted to try his hand at hosting a dance show. He’s so funny and comfortable in front of a camera. I always thought Nick would end up on SNL!

As a kid, dancing was the way I got the emotions out of my head and actually dealt with them. I was screaming on the inside and dance helped me release all the frustration. I became comfortable with who I was because I found out who I was through dance. BARE is such a touching story, and it hits way too close to home for me. I really feel like one of the characters was written about me, and that’s why I’m so connected with this show. And right now in the media there is so much negativity about young teens and this show really touches on what kids go through in high school when they are told to hide their feelings and it will all go away. But it doesn't go away. I encourage everyone to be who they are.

With so many opportunities for me piling up on my plate, I am worried about the future of Shaping Sound, but I think I can make it happen.

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