Travis on ATRM 101: I am only ONE of the keys to making this successful.

By Travis ARM

When my agents told me that I was the key to the success of the dance company, I understood because I have had the most exposure as a choreographer and my name is more recognizable. However, I believe that I am only ONE of the keys to making Shaping Sound successful. The idea of attaching my name to Shaping Sound made me feel so uncomfortable. Of course I saw where my agents were coming from, but that was not our intention when starting this company to attach my name to it. Plus, I knew it would cause tension between the boys and me. I guess what I say to that is… told ya so!

The morning of the auditions I was feeling a bit nervous but I was so excited to finally get this company started. It all starts with finding your dancers.

I had to make Kyle audition because if I didn’t then I would have had to make the exception for a handful of other people. It would have gotten messy. I knew Taja would have a problem with it but I didn’t expect Kyle to. I wasn’t the only one who felt that he needed to audition for the company either. Teddy, Nick and I all agreed on this. Of course he was always going to make the company. But I’ve never seen Kyle do my work before so the audition gave me an idea as to what he would look like in our show. That’s why I wanted everyone to audition. I wanted to see everyone dance together and start to see the company take form. It was nice to see him dance. It had been a while since he was on tour with “West Side Story.”

It came as no surprise when Taja pulled me to the side and told me she shouldn’t have to audition. If Kyle had a problem, I knew she would. But I wasn’t backing down from a decision Teddy, Nick, and myself already made. Plus, I knew Taja would eventually back down and audition. She just had to make it difficult.

Deciding who from the auditions would make the company was hard. I mean it was pretty obvious for the girls. They killed it! We only wanted 10 but they were so good we took 12. The boys were a little harder but we figured it out.

Finding investors was the next step. We had to become salesmen at that point. It was hard trying to pitch this idea and I hate asking for money. I’m terrible at it. After performing for them, I was confident that we did what we needed to do but you never know.

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