Travis on ATRM 103: I really needed someone there.

By Travis ARM

I didnt have any reservations or concerns about pairing Noelle and Kyle together for their piece. If I had 5 dollars for every time I choreographed for dancers who have a romantic history I would be a rich man! But when Teddy told me that he kissed Noelle, I was shocked. I NEVER saw that coming. At first I wanted to laugh because it was so shocking but then I thought about what that actually meant (and it meant a lot of things). I was just so surprised. Taja showing up late was already starting to look like a trend. At the time I was so concentrated on the number we had to work on that I didnt have time to stop the rehearsal and talk to her about being late. But after rehearsal was over, something had to be said. Her behavior was so off from our relationship that it was affecting the show and everyone involved in it. When she said she was quitting the show, I had so many mixed emotions. I was upset over the entire situation.It escalated so quickly. My intention was to confront the problem and fix it. But instead Taja decided to walk out on us, and thats her decision! When it comes to dancing for me personally, Im just so much more confident with choreography. I just think its who I am. Ive always been a choreographer. Its written in the books for me and this is what I was meant to do! It was good to work out some of my emotions on stage alone. I wont say it felt great. I was somewhat happy with the outcome but I knew there was still a LOT of work to be done on my piece as well as the rest of the show. It was great when Jaimie surprised me. I was excited! Especially in that moment, I really needed someone there. Throughout the start of Shaping Sound, Jaimie has been the one who was there for me through it all. It felt so good to know that I had someone from home there with me.

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