Elliot on Episode 2: Last Single Night Done Right

My first impression of Lisa was that she seemed pretty standard for what we tend to have deal with. :)

The toughest thing about the scavenger hunt is revealing the surprises as you go. My favorite part was the end!! I had enough by the end of it, whose idea was it???

I think Lisa got exactly what she wanted...she danced on our podium at Rain Nightclub in her underwear haha, got drunk…what more can a girl dream for? :)

I think what I liked most about the weekend was Lisa and her friends. When you have such a fun group of people to look after, it becomes very easy to help them have a good time. Plus I proved to Jon and JROC that I can take care of myself and make things happen.


What I learned from this weekend is: never judge a girl by the YouTube video of her dressing up as a man!

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