Elliot on Episode 3: Bridesmaid Wars

My first impression of Emily was yeehaaaw this is gonna be a crazy weekend. :)To be honest, I thought the girls getting Emily a trip to Cancun for her honeymoon was really thoughtful and lovely. I've never been a part of a Bachelorette Party that has given such a big gift to the bride ever. It just seemed totally logical to bring a few tons of sand and a donkey into the Sky Villas, I mean...standard, right? We've never done anything like that before.

I just hope the next group's bachelorette is going to England then I might be able to feel a little at home, get some tea, some rain, some crumpets and a couple people dressed as the queen's guards I guess. :)

I feel like the weekend turned out really well. I feel like it was a little culture shock for me to meet some southern belles, but I really got on well with the girls. The only thing I would do differently is the outfits, haha! I don't think Jon was too pleased. The bandito look didn't seem to go down too well, but I had no time!! I was rushing!!

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