Elliot on Episode 4: One Last Dance

My first impression of Katie was that she was a super nice girl who was really gonna be blown away by what we had planned for her. The plan for Katie and her friends to perform a dance just seemed to fit. We have a huge stage at Rain and always have dancers on there, so why not treat these girls to an unforgettable experience?

When I saw the girls dancing with the Cubic Freestylers, I was just upset I had my suit on, otherwise you might have seen 'the worm.'

Everyone takes limos in Vegas, but to really get the party started, it was time for the party bus.


JROC and I were models for the girls’ toilet paper wedding dress competition. I felt like I could have had a more creative workforce on my side. I think it was just an excuse to get JROC half naked.


For the girls’ performance outfits, we had a stylist come in and hand pick stuff for the girls. As, let's face it, if I did it, they would probably end up looking like the Spice Girls circa 1997.


The girls absolutely rocked it. I was really impressed with every one of them, but especially Tara. She showed balls so to speak by stepping up there.

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