Elliot on Episode 5: The Princess Bride

This week’s fairytale theme was the theme that we were expecting from a lot of bachelorettes, so we knew that we really had to push the boat out and make it extra special. Erin and her friends seemed a little more mature and reserved than some of the groups we've had before, but bring on that alcohol and well...we all know what happens. =)

When I brought out the first cake, I kinda knew Jon wasn't going to be overjoyed when he saw it, because I wasn't either. But I should have taken it into my own hands and dealt with it before he even saw it. The main challenge was finding someone that would actually make a cake big enough to have a group of people fight in haha! There was a LOT of cake!! Trying to hide all that jewelry in there without it being obvious too was difficult. We wanted the girls to have to dig and dig through pounds of it. You gotta work for free jewelry!

This was a classic Cinderella story that we thought really came off well. It gave the weekend that fairytale feel, even if the patron and vodka brought it straight back to the real world!

Uuum...I mean...does it really look like I enjoyed wearing the tux?? My plan became to get so drunk that I would totally forget that I was wearing it...I am about 110 percent sure i managed that...with thanks to a few shots of Furnet. ;)

Personally, the carriage ride up and down the strip, where we literally STOPPED traffic, was a once-in-a-lifetime experience even for me!! You don’t get more VIP than holding up traffic on one of the busiest streets in America...the only people that do that are us and Obama. :)

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