Elliot on Episode 6: Tinseltown in Sin City

Butler is just another word for servant! Except there's less whipping and you have to have an accent! If I had some time to mentally prepare, I think I might have been ok with being the butler for the weekend...but as it was just sprung on me last minute, I wasn't over the moon about it to be honest.

When Gina started asking for George Maloof--sorry did I say asking?? I meant demanding. That was close to my breaking point, I think the celebrity theme of the weekend might have gone to her head a little. I think it was appropriate for ME to be mad at her!!

Gina's apology felt like Bill Clinton's...he wasn't reeeaaally sorry, and he had a good time being bad!! If the chance to ever be a butler again for the weekend came up, I would have to see some cash up front. We Englishmen are delicate creatures especially when thrust into a gaggle of women for the weekend, so proper compensation would be in order! :)

Despite the trouble I personally had with the girls, I personally think the weekend turned out great! JROC came through with Bridget and the girls proved to be really sweet, down-to-earth girls despite the celebrity theme, OH…and Jon ripped his trousers right at the buttcrack!! Ahh memories!!

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