Jason on Episode 1: Bridezilla Bachelorette Party

I liked Brasie. She was tough with some of the bridesmaids but really nice to us. She knew we were there to help.

I was a little concerned about getting Too Short to come to the party. He has been a home slice of mine for years but is extremely busy doing shows and has been recently working on a new album. A bachelorette party might not be on the top of list. Lol I've been known to pull off some magic, and I made it happen though.

It was fun partying with Brasie and the girls in the club. I think they were having a great time...my boy Shawny fierce was really having a good time. Lol

I think the weekend went well all in all. I mean a couple peeps got fired from being bridesmaids but as long as Brasie was happy, I’m cool with that.

My favorite part about planning this party was bringing Short in…always a party. I love that shock moment...it’s kind of my thing.

One thing I learned from this weekend is that some brides are pretty intense on these chicks.
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