Jason on Episode 3: Bridesmaid Wars

Emily seemed really nice, ready for a good time in Vegas. When we found out Emily’s friends got her and her fiancé a surprise honeymoon trip to Cancun, we realized that it was the big surprise we needed. Planning how to reveal it started as just a funny idea. Then we thought...wait a tick. This could actually work...Elliott. We’ve done stuff like this before, and decorating is kind of fun. This one was a little more elaborate than others, with a better payoff at the end with the Cancun trip.

We told Elliot to get 3 Amigos costumes but then again I forgot he’s probably never seen 3 Amigos. Lol He did a good job with the room and it all worked out in the end. I have had to play bouncer plenty of times. You just need to be respectful and handle it like a pro.

I thought the weekend was a success! Or at least I hope Emily thought so. I liked the country aspect of this weekend, keeps things fun and different.

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