Jason on Episode 4: One Last Dance

Katie seemed excited and optimistic about a great weekend. The idea of Katie and her friends performing at Rain together was kind of a no brainer when we heard they were on a championship dance team. I just wanna dance. :)

I was a little nervous about putting them on stage because performing in front of that many people is nerve wracking even when you’re practicing every day. We can’t put performances on at the club that aren’t professional. It makes us look bad. They pulled through though. Having Robin Anton choreograph the routine was a no brainer. She’s one of the best in the business and I just was with her the week before. As for the performance, they smashed it. I was a little mad I couldn’t join the team but whatever. lol

A party bus wasn’t my idea, they have been entertaining young men and women in Las Vegas for years...I just facilitated. How better to ride around Vegas? I was really nervous about doing body shots with the girls at first, and then I realized that I work out. Lol ;) I’m willing to take one for the team, especially since Elliot pulled an epic #FAIL.
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