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I have always enjoyed throwing parties. I remember putting together “staff outings” when I was bar backing at the Hard Rock. When the Palms opened the Fantasy Tower and Playboy Club, I moved from the Hard Rock to bartending at the Playboy Club at the Palms. Then I made the move to VIP Host at 9 group. Once I got a taste of putting on parties and taking care of people, I was hooked. From VIP Host I was promoted to Lead VIP Host and I started putting together parties for my birthday at Moon. I then took a position as Marketing Coordinator, where I was helping out with the events at Moon and Playboy. I was then promoted to Marketing Manager when I took over the marketing for Moon Nightclub. Eventually I was promoted to Director of Special Operations. I guess that you could say that event marketing has always been sort of my thing.

I kind of grew up here in Vegas, well I moved here my freshman year in high school. Las Vegas is unlike any other city in the world. This might be the only city in the world with this many nightclubs and with entertainment and marketing budgets of this size. Las Vegas is like the Super Bowl of my industry.

I would have to say that my Halloween party JROC-O-Ween is probably my favorite party. I had a choreographed Thriller performance that Joe Jackson actually helped with. It was right after Michael Jackson had passed away and both of his parents were in attendance. It was really a special moment for me and I hope for them also. It turned out amazing and I think that everyone had a good time. I mean TMZ picked it up, how bad could it be? lol Did I mention I was dressed as a Playboy bunny? Sometimes you gotta go the extra mile to crack that smile.

Actually a lot goes into planning a bachelorette party, I mean this is something that they are going to remember and talk about for the rest of their lives. And because everyone is different, ideas of fun, expectations, etc., it takes some conversation with the group to get to know the group so that you can put them in the position to just relax and have a good time. I feel like this is the one night/weekend to take a break from planning and let the pros go to work.

The best thing I like to do is to have a conversation about their “Dream” bachelorette party. I always like to ask them what they would do “if money was not an object?” Once they start talking in that mindset, it is pretty easy to get an idea of what they like or what they are expecting.

These are my top party planning tips:

Know a VIP host or promoter
Do bottle service
Meet your concierge and VIP services at your hotel...they are there to help!
Come with an even ration of guys or girls...or all girls :)
Be ready to party
Be ready to eat
Be ready to not sleep much
Gamble money you’re prepared to lose
Don’t think that you can do something in Vegas no one else has done already...just sayin

The craziest VIP request I’ve had to fulfill…all I can say is it involved a midget, ice cubes, a 9 iron, and a mini swimming pool. In terms of which celebrities I’ve worked with, I carry a strict don’t ask don’t tell policy. The main bottle service etiquette is called taking care of the people who take care of you. That is all.

The most stressful part of my job is when we are trying to do something special for a group and we either miss the mark or something goes wrong and the wow effect is missed. It really stresses me out and I feel bad that they didn’t get the best night/weekend of their life. If this happens I’ve always got something up my sleeve to ease the pain. Patron shots anyone?
I would have to say the most rewarding part of my job is when a group has the time of their life, and sometimes they get emotional. I mean I like it when they cry tears of joy because that means that I did my job! It’s definitely a gift and a curse sometimes but I like being “that dude” that people know to contact if they want to be set up here in Vegas.

I think that the difference between VIP work and regular hospitality service is the hours you spend with a group and how personal you can get with a group. Rather than just serving them a drink or meal, I am usually spending the entire night making sure that they have the best time possible and usually end up building friendships and lifelong relationships with these people. VIP work usually transcends all of the other hospitality companies.

If I had to work in any other city, I would have to say that I would probably have to go to New York City or Los Angeles. I like the fast-paced life of the big cities and I love people. I can’t see myself being isolated. It’s kind of like a flower with no sunlight… ya know?

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