JROC on Episode 6: Tinseltown in Sin City

The PJ party was just a thought I had because you know girls like their slumber parties. I only took my shirt off because the other girls were asking me to take it off. It’s Gina’s party at the end of the day and I just wanted to spice up the party however I could.

I decided to ask Bridget to visit the girls because when we were in Playboy, there was a pic of Bridget that they saw and they talked about how much they liked her. I mean, I don’t think Gina completely ditched her friends for Bridget, but I didn’t notice the drama unfolding at the time. I’m Ray Charles to the bullsh*t.
If I had Elliot’s job as butler for the weekend, I would have had more fun with it personally. I have had to do far worse in the line of duty and you gotta pay your dues. I think the weekend turned out great and Gina and the girls had a blast. They were a really fun group to work with.

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