Jon on Episode 3: Bridesmaid Wars

My first impression of Emily was that she was ready to have a good time in Vegas. I thought it was so cool that Emily had such great friends. The honeymoon in Cancun was such an amazing, thoughtful gift. She is truly lucky to have those girls. My team and I love presenting things in cool ways. We look forward to our brainstorming sessions. This time we thought it would be fun and would make a big impact if we turned a suite into a mini-Mexico! We constantly create themed events throughout the Palms. We have a lot of fun doing it. We created Paris for a group, we turned our pool into a winter wonderland once, we turned one of our clubs into another planet, and a lot more!I'm a hands-on, detail oriented boss. I wanted the suite to look like a beach in Mexico. I envisioned authentic mariachi outfits for JROC, Elliot, and me to wear. I felt like the outfits were an afterthought and I wanted them to be a major component of the suite. Ultimately, I think the suite turned out great but I wasn't happy with the initial "makeover" of the room. The weekend had a lot of drama but my team and I delivered another incredible experience! I enjoyed helping present such an amazing gift from Emily's friends the most. It was such a special gift that the presentation of that gift was vital! From this weekend, I learned there are some amazing friends out there!
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