Episode 6 Recap: Tinseltown in Sin City


You know what I like? Pizza. And you know what two cities probably have the greatest pizza in the world? Boise, Idaho and Spokane, Washington, you say? Yeah, that’s what I thought too! But actually I’m referring to Chicago and New York. And just like it can be a very tough to decide between deep dish or a New York-style foldable slice, this week’s episode of Bachelorette Party Las Vegas explores which city has the greatest friends of them all.

We meet bachelorette Gina at her home in New York with her fiancé Walter. A native Chicagoan, Gina met Walter on spring break in Acapulco and moved to Brooklyn three years later to be with him. Wait . . . let’s go back a minute. A relationship started during spring break actually lasted longer than spring break? Who knew? If I were a betting woman I would head over to Vegas and place a bet! And guess what . . . we’re going to Vegas!

But first we are introduced to Team Brooklyn: Elaina aka Coco (because she’s super sweet and super hot) and Jamie. Jamie is the maid of honor AND Walter’s cousin. Jamie is a good time girl and so is Coco, but she’s a bit apprehensive about meeting Team Chicago, ‘cause what if they don’t get along? Will they throw cake at each other? I am scared. For the cake, mostly. Cake should be eaten, not abused.

Next stop is Vegas, where the Palms VIP team discusses their plans for the bachelorette party. The always dapper Jon Gray reveals that Gina loves the celeb scene. She reads US Weekly and People and worships Paris Hilton. So why don’t they treat her like a superstar for the weekend? Jon decides that Elliot, being British and all, should be Gina’s personal butler for the weekend. And if there’s one thing I learned from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Mr. Belvedere, it’s that a butler MUST have a British accent! Especially when he is hanging out with a group of girls in Vegas!

The team also decides to do a photo shoot and introduce the ladies to a celebrity. JROC, quite the man about town, mentions that he is tight with Bridget Marquardt from The Girls Next Door. Done! Let’s party, shall we? The girls arrive at the Palms where a sign greets them. “The Palms welcomes Gina’s Bachelorette Party.” Fancy! Gina’s like a celeb! Jon takes them to the Real World Suite, complete with a hot tub, pool, and sins. Gina observes, “Every place has a little bit of dirty history.” They down shots (surprise). The always conscientious butler Elliot hands them an invitation to attend a red carpet event for Swarovski Crystal. Double fancy! They get ready to go out.

Team Chicago expresses their concern that they won’t get along with Team Brooklyn, because Team BK plans on wearing dresses every night to go out. I know. I was confused too. They go to the event where there is a red carpet and paparazzi waiting for them. Shy at first, Gina gradually becomes a diva. She strikes a pose like she’s in the 2011 remake of the Vogue video. Afterwards, the girls hit a couple of clubs.

At Moon, JROC introduces Gina to the entire crowd. She feels like a celebrity! He pulls her to the DJ booth. Team Chicago feels left out. Team Brooklyn is all, whatevs, it’s Gina’s night, let her have fun. The girls end up back at their suite at 4:30, where pajamas and slippers wait for them. You know you are an adult when this excites you, as it did me. JROC hangs out and takes off his shirt. The single ladies are loving it because, you know, JROC is hot. But celeb-in-training Gina whips out the diva card and forces him to put his shirt back on out of respect for her fiancé. Way harsh, Gina! JROC—I have a really cute one bedroom apartment in New York where you can come over and take off your shirt. Just sayin’.

The next morning, the suite remains clean. There are lots of water bottles about, I imagine because the girls are hungover. Just guessing. Gina calls her fiancé Walter to boast about her evening as a celebrity. He tells her not to expect the same treatment when she comes home. Celebrity chef Kerry Simon drops by their room to prepare them breakfast. Gina invites him to her wedding, because it’s the hottest ticket in town. Well, actually in the Dominican Republic, where she’s getting married. Tomayto, tomahto. Gina then calls butler Elliot to demand that he bring George Maloof to her room. Now, Elliot’s good, but he’s not that good. He says he’ll try but George is, you know, the uber boss so it MIGHT just be a little difficult to make that happen, even for a VIP like Gina.

Elliot takes the girls to the Kim Vo Salon to get their hair and makeup done by celebrity hair stylist Kim Vo. Gina invites Kim to her wedding, because she’s a star! Once everyone is dolled up, Elliot blindfolds Gina and leads her and her friends to the surprise photo shoot by celebrity photographer Shane O’Neal, complete with champagne, a make-up artist, and sparkly dresses! They snap a few pictures, and Gina loves feeling like a celebrity. It’s the ultimate dream! And it gets better when in walks Bridget Marquardt!

The girls squeal with delight. Bridget poses for photos with Gina and company. Gina invites Bridget to her wedding. Team Chicago believes that Gina has lost her mind. The photo shoot ends. Shane declares, “You’ve just had the Shane O’Neal Experience.” Shane is not the only person talking in the third person. Gina says, “Gina is definitely A list now.” Sure! The girls go out to Ghost Bar, where Gina proceeds to ditch her friends for Bridget, because, as we know, B and G are the only celebs in the room. Now Teams Chicago AND Brooklyn are pissed. They return to the suite, sans Gina.

The next morning Gina feels bad and brings her friends coffee. I would ask for cake, but that’s just me. Everyone gets out of bed and Gina apologizes for being such a diva. The guys stop by and Gina says sorry to Elliot for making him work so hard. She doesn’t even mind that George Maloof didn’t stop by, because he sent her a note! On his own letterhead! So in the end, everyone has a good time. Team Brooklyn and Team Chicago hug it out. If only we could get Red Sox fans and Yankees fans to get along like this, the world would be a better place! You’ve just had the Liz Out Loud Experience. Thanks for reading!
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