Bad Girl Refresher: Who's Going to the Reunion?

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The past eight weeks have been a whirlwind of drama, challenges, broken alliances, drunkenness, and general Bad Girl pandemonium. And guess what? They're all coming back for MORE tonight at the reunion! Just in case you had trouble keeping up with the crazy, here is a refresher on who will be in attendance. They won't be wearing nametags at the real reunion, so get studying! 

Natalie's Legacy: Being a threat, leaving the house then quickly returning, owning L.A., and not really needing the prize money.

What She's Bringing to the Reunion: Her own personal security guard. What??


Judi's Legacy: Vomiting before every All Star challenge, going waka flocka from vodka, and crying at the sight of Ray J.

What She'll Bring to the Reunion: Plenty of pre-game beverages.


Amber's Legacy: Being the OG Bad Girl, betraying Natalie, and becoming the 'snake on Team Pink.'

What She'll Bring to the Reunion: The 'dumb blond' act. (Still don't buy it Amber!)



Erika's Legacy: Pulling Rocky into the water by her hair in the first episode, injuring her leg and leaving midway through the season, and reviving her infamous "I don't understand!" anthem.

What She'll Bring to the Reunion:   Medical bills? JK!


Shanrock's Legacy: Being inseparable, winning all the physical challenges but...leaving too early to win Battle. 

What They'll Bring to the Reunion: Insane outfits, trash talk in the dressing room, and a long-awaited confrontation with Flo. 


Mehgan's Legacy: Being fan favorite and getting to pick her Purple Team, then eing voted off first (sorryyy).  

What She'll Bring to the Reunion: A much-promised pop-off with Natalie...AND her security guard! 



Julie's Legacy: Scheming against everyone from day 1, being the triplet that the Victor Twins never had, hating on the old Bad Girls like Natalie, leading the Pink Team through that maze like a champ. 

What She'll Bring to the Reunion: Vodka and old grudges. 


Jenn's Legacy: Contending with the beast Flo, fighting for her brother, and WINNING Bad Girls All Star Battle!

What She'll Bring to the Reunion: A surprise...


Flo's Legacy: Winning *almost* every challenge, flip-flopping every second, sobbing inexplicably, and doing it all for her daughter.

What She'll Bring to the Reunion: A hot temper and an ample cleavage. 




Paula's Legacy: Staying her calm self, supporting Jenn, and being voted off in a surprise twist!

What She'll Bring to the Reunion: Hopefully some common sense! 


The Victor Twins' Legacy: Being an unbreakable alliance, making it farther than anyone expected...and not being able to swim.

What They'll Bring to the Reunion: Twinning power! 


Stasi's Legacy: Making friends with the rival team, hating Natalie, then jumping her out of nowhere during elimination!

What She'll Bring to the Reunion: Maturity, she claims. She's a reformed Bad Girl haven't you heard?  


And last but certainly not least....


Ray J's Legacy: Yelling through a megaphone, being the voice of reason, and making it rain! 

What He'll Bring to the Reunion: Hardcore negotiation skills. 


Tune into Part 1 of the Reunion TONIGHT at 8/7c!


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