Before They Were Bad Girls: Watch Erika and Mehgan's Casting Tapes!

By Lauren Zupkus

Tomorrow night's Twinstant Replay Special, hosted by Danni and Gabi Victor, looks back at all of the craziest moments of Bad Girls All Star Battle. We here at Oxygen decided to go waaaaay back, and dig up some of the All Stars' casting videos from before they were even Bad Girls, let alone All Stars. Erika and Mehgan were besties on BGC Season 9 and again on Battle. In their casting videos, Erika teaches us how to "toot it and boot it" and Mehgan claims she's "the black Kim Kardashian." Get a good laugh at these throwback vids and do some more reminiscing with us tomorrow night with the All Star Battle Twinstant Replay, premiering at 8/7c. 

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