Congratulations Jenn! Here's a Big ol' Wall of BGC Twitter Love

Turns out the Bad Girls are very good sports. Almost every single one of the BGASB ladies congratulated Jenn for her win on Twitter last night. This big ol' wall o' social media love includes a bestie shoutout from Paula, a backhanded compliment from Natalie, a shoutout to Jenn AND Danni from Judi --  even a really beautiful congratulations from her main competitor, Flo (kudos to her innovative hashtag, too!). Behold!]

Love from Paula:


Love from Gabi, Judi and Mehgan:



Love (sorta) from Natalie:



Love from Amber:



Love from Ray J (oo la la!):



And last but DEFINITELY not least, love from Flo, the best sport of them all:


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